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I am a wife and mom to three beautiful children, and three bonus children. I am a sibling to four uniquely talented siblings. I love God with every fibre in my bones, he loved me first and if it had not been for his mercy, I don't know where i would be. Simply put, I am a product of the mercy of God. My only goal in life is to do the will of my Heavenly Father, I am passionate about my heavenly Father's business. 


Dzidzai Chimbari Chodos' is a Servant and Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ who started preaching at the age of 4. She is a co-visionary of C.P.I ministries which is an Apostolic evangelistic ministry. Under CPI, she oversees Emerge and Ignite which is a women's global ministry headquartered in Toronto Canada. As well, she is the founder of Burden Bearers World Missions which is an extension of CPI ministries.

God has permitted her ministration to be characterized by a powerful apostolic anointing followed by signs and wonders. During her meetings, the power of God always manifests greatly and People are healed, revived and empowered. Marriages are restored and most importantly, people give their lives to the Lord. 


Discerning the Time

I believe there are men and women who God has been training, purifying and processing in obscurity who are going to emerge in power, both in Ministry and in Business. I believe that we are entering into a season in the history of time where we will see 'Davids' emerge out of the wilderness. These men and women are very militant because they have learnt how to kill lions and bears in the wilderness. They have been hidden for a long long time and they have endured the Lords lengthy training.They are sold out for Jesus and they will step up in power. These are they that no-one has heard of before. They will love the people of God with a tender love akin to Christ, speaking the truth in strength and boldness leading many to Christ. They will shake the nations for God in humility but in Power. 

If you are one of them and the fire has erupted in your soul, something that feels like 'the breaking of your waters'  the appointed time of your emergence is at the door. The Lord is about to bring you to the front with his mighty hand and then you will release that fire! 

Another strange thing is i sense in my spirit that the Lord has been exposing the SAULS of our time, those who have been functional but yet the power of God left them a long time ago. The Lord is also handling this special package and this too is still a work in progress.

Pray that you will not miss what God is doing in this season and the season to come. 

May 31, 2020

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Dzidzai Chimbari Chodos

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Toronto, Canada