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From Cancer to 'NO CANCER'

Early 2018 my hubby received a shocking cancer diagnosis. Yes, you read right, I said a CANCER DIAGNOSIS. I can't think of anything else that has ever shook my world to its foundations than the thought of losing my Husband to cancer. To say the least,  I was devastated, I was hurt, shocked & in total denial. I imagine it was worse for him. We quickly asked the doctor for a diagnosis confirmation and..boom..Sunny-brook Hospital confirmed our new reality. Whilst I was breaking down in 'shock mode,' the Holy Spirit immediately comforted us and led us right back to the word and hid us in  2 scriptures, Isaiah 66 vs 6 - 10 and Romans ch 8 vs 28 - 30. I mean, the word spoke to us, strengthened us & stood with us. Everything people couldn't do (didn't do), the WORD did. Folks, there are some rough seas that only the WORD can calm, this was one of them. We felt God much closer to us, it almost felt like every-time we prayed we could feel his physical presence like never before. It was then that I also understood fully what John meant when he said  '..and the word was GOD' the word became active and more alive in our moment of despair.

Soon enough, arrangements were made to meet with the Surgeon and the medical oncologist. I mean, these two doctors were anointed for service and we strongly believe that God orchestrated our meeting. (Trust me, you will need God to lead you to the right physicians, its an important part of the whole equation.) A sudden fear of the unknown gripped me as the worst thoughts possible took turns to threaten my sanity and emotional stability. (which was hanging by a thread)  All this while, hubby was so calm, composed and confident. I mean he kept his composure. Even though he was nervous, I could also tell that he had been aided with a certain level of grace to stand. Stand he did.

We were told that the oncological team could not give us a clinical staging because the CT Scan revealed that the cancer was growing downwards such that the scan could not capture the full image. Consequently, we would have to wait for  a surgical staging.  With that said, we were offered a treatment plan which was pre-op chemo (6 by-weekly sessions)  followed by surgery then back to chemo and radiation. (Another 6 sessions) followed by a review and further treatment depending on progress. It wasn't too long before we met with the oncologist and hubby started his first chemo therapy. That was another milestone..followed by the hair loss. In fact hubbies hair loss got to him more than the cancer. His first chemo generally landed us in the ER with some crazy side effects, it was bad. Thankfully, In the interim I  received a vision from God stating that he HAD taken care of him and that there was no-more cancer in his body. Hesitantly, I  shared this with my husband and very close family members. 

The sessions were scheduled two weeks apart and a week after the 1st we got news that his second had been postponed because his liver needed to recover from the first. Alas, God had it that It was during this wait that hubby received another vision from God where he had an encounter with Jesus Christ healing him. As the events were unfolding,  we ended up with two reports before us, the Jesus report which said he had no cancer, and the doctors report which confirmed the cancer..what a tug of war that was. (for me at least) I kept asking God to help my unbelief and strengthen my faith because Geez, faith in the valley is no joke.(Story for another blog)

Things were much different for hubby, his faith was skyrocket and he quickly accepted Jesus report. His faith was confronted with the desire to act, he was confident Jesus had healed him so there was no need for him to endure chemo.  He wanted to go straight to surgery to confirm Gods word over his life so the treatment plan was aborted. Meanwhile, a part of me was like what in the world is he doing..this is a matter of Life and death..but Jesus had already given him life and he chose to believe God fully. A backup plan was quickly offered which entailed immediate surgery, thereafter rigorous chemo plus radiation with a lesser chance of success. He consented and off to surgery we went.

I was partially shocked when we got the results back from the surgery. It was one thing to envision the vision, it was a totally different thing to behold the promise. Nevertheless, the pathologist confirmed Gods promise..the part they cut out, I mean where they saw the cancer, i mean where they biopsied for cancer, not once but twice, suddenly had NO CANCER. In fact, the report said there was no trace of any cancer ever being present. (When he heals he heals completely ) I remember the chemo Doc saying the results shocked her and she had never seen this happen to anyone in the history of her medical practise. , all further treatments were cancelled, all backup plans were cancelled, and suddenly all of that time i had reserved for being my hubbys 24hr nurse suddenly became 'idle time' as I witnessed him recover abruptly from surgery, and quickly he was back to work.  After our  first follow up appointment with the surgeon, he gave 'Our God' a bow. That was a special moment for me, I love it when God proves himself in unexplainable ways..thats what makes him God. If we had gone through treatment, others would have said it was the treatment that cured, if we hadn't gone for surgery, others would say he still has it, if we hadn't asked for a second diagnosis opinion, others would have said it was a misdiagnoses. What then shall we say about these wonderful things? If god is for us, who can be against US? BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD. 

It was GOD, it was all GOD! He listened to our simple living room prayers and answered in such a big way. The journey felt like Daniel in the lions den, David before Goliath, Shadreck and crew in the fire, Joseph in the pit. It was gruesome but Gods grace was sufficient.  At the end, It finally dawned on us that this was the furnace of preparation for greater service. The birthing of a new thing. This experience will test everything you know, it will reveal what is inside of you. It will change your whole entire worldview. It will break you for service. Yes, asking God for more 'work' also requires more breaking. We will soon share with you the lessons we learnt in this fire but for now, if you see us praising God in some weird way please don't judge..our worship has changed. If you see us forsaking all for Christ in unimaginable ways, please don't mind us..our service has intensified and we care less about our little 'vapour' lives, even less about buying properties or accumulating wealth, our priorities have shifted. We could care less about worldly activities though we are in the world, our worldview has changed. Our service to God is our reasonable sacrifice and the ONLY thing that really matters. Please don't mind us. 

In conclusion, If you need Jesus to transform or restore any area of your life let this be proof that THERE IS NOTHING JESUS can't do. JESUS CHRIST is your way OUT! JESUS is your redeemer! JESUS is your restorer and he is just a prayer away. Trust him fully and allow your fears to rest in him and he will give you rest. 

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